Design is on the forefront of everyone’s mind today. Whether it’s your clothing or your car or your garden or your home, there are so many decisions to make. The tips in these booklets are real-life tools to help you find inexpensive ways to make your apartment or room a home.

You don’t have to spend a fortune for good design. Make simple choices and expand your living space with color and storage solutions that show the world who you are.

Trefoni Michael Rizzi is an award winning designer working in the worlds of theatre, interior design, landscape design and publishing. Let his expertise help you create an environment you can’t wait to “come home to”.

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Live the Simple Life!™

The big day has come. You’re finally moving into your own apartment or dorm. The problem is, you’ve spent all your budget on the rent, deposits, utilities and cable and now you have a bleak “off-white-walled” cell staring at you in the morning when you wake up. With little money available for decorating, what can you do?

Whether this is your first time living on your own or the first time you are finally out of the dorms, you are probably facing a room or many rooms full of boxes, luggage and black plastic trash bags filled with your stuff. It’s easy to figure out where everything “goes”, but what about making it feel like home? You don’t have to be Martha Stewart or have thousands of dollars in the bank to make your new space comfortable.

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Live the Simple Life!™

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This 16 page booklet is filled with 101 great tips and ideas for every area of your new place.

Trefoni Michael Rizzi

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SimpleGuides™  Design

How do you take a generic apartment or room and turn it into an expression of the new you?

The SimpleTips™ in this SimpleGuide™ will help you navigate your way through all the choices.